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We are a Community building Site for Social causes. Primarily Parental Care and Child Care. Join our community to build a society where we support and help each other during our critical times, it can be motivational support, physical support, medical support, monitory support, advisory support or just a guidance of hope.

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Yashoda & Saurabh, Creators

Create and Enhance Comprehensive Supportive Digital Society

If You are a Parent and your kid ( s ) are going through any healthcare or support needs, do join us. If You are a son/daughter and your Parent ( s ) are going through any health issues, do join us.

“We all have resources and contacts, but most of the times when we have to handle any healthcare situations we find ourselves alone because of no community around this”

Main Benefits

We believe communities are built on certain foundations and principles. Let’s try to build something on humanity, self empowerment and people care. 


Teach us or Learn from the People in the Forum about any specific queries, concerns or requirements by posting your questions. Even if you get an answer to it, please post the answer to it for everyone’s benefits.

Social Network

Join us in a social networking community site only specific to social causes and needs. Join us to help grow a digital support system which can bring the globe together and can create a caring and supportive society to create a Human World.


If you run any social service mediums or you are a corporate who run CSR activities do add your initiatives in Hopes Directory for everyone to be aware of it and can reach a wider audience who need your support.

Parental Care Topics

We all love our parents, but sometimes due to various reasons like different locations, time zones, job scenarios and many more we are unable to do proper care of them at the time of needs. Even if we have a lot of  money, Money can’t buy Care.

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Children Care Topics

Worried about your Child’s Education, Join us


Health Issues of your Child are worrying you?


Career Counselling and Advices are worth taking